We and You are Prodigio Divino

A small activity, perched on the Tuscan hills, who tries to pamper your palates with Vinocchio and Uvagina, the red and white wine that we have produced for years, but, we try also to touch your consciences in striving for the right of choice, of freedom, of taste.
We have decided to no longer do this just for the table but also in everyday life.

For this reason thanks to the work done by the fashion designer Bruno Tommassini and by our best artisans we enrich our range with a product that for us is a great challenge: we have created in fact a series of jewel Made in Italy, all designed and crafted by expert artisan hands.
As was in our blends, the new handicraft creations tell of our spirit: freedom in taste.

The idea is to have you ware precious objects, created by expert artful hands, wise and magic hands that we have in this extraordinary country, but that are able also to give shape to an idea of the world and the future. Our world, made of equality and respect of others, as in a toast, made of uniqueness to be shared like in a jewel
So the grape clusters and the vine leaves that you have already tasted become unique objects that unite, just as our wines do, nature, natural stones, metals crafted with wisdom of those who know how to transform them into something precious and rare that you will keep forever.
We have done this because we feel that wearing is like tasting. And that aesthetics goes alongside ethics. The freedom to taste is for us the most precious of gifts.


Bruno Tommassini was born in Sinalunga, for years he has been socially active and has battled for civil rights, he was already in the constituent group Arcigay Nazionale and first Arcigay Firenze e Arcigay Arezzo President. Divulger of passion for music, promoter of events that finalize in studying the piano. He has been Councilor for culture for the municipality of Marciano, creative, and a stylist. Partner to Eduardo for the past 40 years, they have a civil union since 2017.